Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurvedic Herbal Solution
Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurvedic

Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurvedic. According to ayurvedic treatments, tinnitus is caused by the imbalance of vata dosha; therefore its management should be the goal.

Tinnitus, also referred to as Karnanada or ear disease in Ayurveda, refers to an auditory perception characterized by various sounds such as roaring, hissing, ringing and clicking within ears or head when no external physical noise exists.

Tinnitus Treatment in Ayurvedic Karna Purana

Karna purana is an Ayurvedic treatment specifically tailored for ears. This process involves pouring medicated oil into each ear canal, which improves hearing quality and diminishes tinnitus symptoms. This therapy has proven particularly useful to people suffering from air pollution- or noise stress-induced tinnitus symptoms; furthermore it also treats other related issues, including Meniere’s disease and swimming ear. Warm oils used during this procedure help lubricate inner ears and eardrums; Ayurvedic doctors strongly suggest this treatment as it improves overall body health and well being.

Ears are delicate organs that need special care, which is why so many patients with tinnitus experience difficulty sleeping due to its persistent ringing in their ears. To manage tinnitus more efficiently and eliminate it faster, Ayurveda suggests following an Ayurvedic diet which eliminates raw foods; alcohol and caffeine consumption should also be limited; Ayurveda medicines also strengthen immunity while decreasing stress levels to aid healing processes more efficiently – aiding recovery in this case.

Ayurvedic practitioners recommend adopting lifestyle changes that can ease tinnitus symptoms. Engaging in daily physical activity such as running or aerobics workout can increase blood circulation to all organs and tissues – including your ears – helping alleviate inflammation while relieving stress levels. A brisk walk or aerobics workout could prove particularly helpful in alleviating tinnitus symptoms.

Another effective ayurvedic remedy for tinnitus is to consume foods rich in fiber. This will help balance out excess vata dosha and prana vayu, both of which contribute to tinnitus symptoms. Ayurvedic experts also suggest drinking fenugreek seed tea – this beverage can often be found at supermarkets – which will move vata downwards.

Karna purana not only helps calm the mind and ease tinnitus symptoms, but can also be an invaluable way to increase hearing ability. Not only that but its regular practice enhances ear function while feeding acoustic nerves to enhance transmission of sound signals into the brain.


Tinnitus is an increasingly common condition that impacts millions of people worldwide. The noise heard can range from ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, snapping or tweeting and can be very distressful and hard to cope with. Ayurvedic treatments may provide some relief including herbal medicines and massage therapies as well as treating its source.

Ayurvedic doctors understand the significance of treating the root cause of tinnitus. Their team uses herbal remedies and other natural therapies to alleviate symptoms while healing your entire body, as well as suggesting diet changes which could improve quality of life and prevent further attacks of tinnitus.

Shiroabhyanga is an effective Ayurvedic treatment for tinnitus that uses warm medicated oil for massage on your head, as this will relax prana vayu in your body that’s responsible for it. Karnapooran drops warm medicated oil directly into ears to ease tinnitus symptoms while simultaneously relieving pressure from vata doshas that are responsible.

Before bed, take at least 10 minutes for relaxation therapy, to ease tinnitus symptoms and ease anxiety. This technique may also help you sleep faster. To protect the ears, avoid taking medications known as “ototoxic”. If taking any ototoxic medicines is unavoidable, consult with a doctor before initiating therapy sessions.

Before administering Shiro Abhyanga, patients should undergo a comprehensive Ayurvedic examination to ascertain their Prakriti (basic constitution) and Vikriti (details of morbidity), before selecting appropriate oils and materials for therapy.

Shiro abhyanga oils may vary depending on an individual’s constitution and medical history; oils formulated using single herb oil up to 20-herbed oil may be utilized, depending on individual patient requirements and severity of disease. Oil is mixed with herbs to form a “kwath,” and then applied during therapy; to enhance results it’s important for patients to shave prior to beginning this therapy session.


Karnapoorana is an Ayurvedic treatment used for many ear-related and cranial problems, including tinnitus. This form of otorhinolaryngology involves massage and pouring of medicated oil into the ear canal – it’s painless! Oil made up from sesame, fennel, cumin seeds is mixed into this oil before pouring it down until it reaches the ear drum; this method helps lubricate ears by removing excess wax that causes tinnitus while improving hearing & preventing vertigo altogether!

Tinnitus is a condition in which an individual hears ringing, hissing, swishing, clicking or buzzing sounds that are audible only to them. Although not considered a disease in itself, tinnitus can be seen as the result of prana vayu disturbance, an aspect of vata dosha which resides within their head and controls higher brain functions – when this becomes imbalanced it creates sound within their ear canal that only they are aware of hearing it.

Head and neck injuries can damage the inner ear nerves and lead to tinnitus. Tinnitus may also be caused by taking medications like aspirin or quinine that damage eardrums & cause tinnitus symptoms.

Tinnitus is considered a vata dosha imbalance (vata roga). Ayurvedic treatments for tinnitus focus on normalizing it through various therapies like Karna Poorna (drops of warm medicated oil), Kawala & Gandusha (oil gargling and holding in the mouth), Abhyanga, Snehpaan Virechan Shirodhara as well as oral medications aimed at strengthening nerves around the ears as well as relieving stress. These therapies and medicines help strengthen nerves near the ears while normalizing doshas that contribute to its causes tinnitus symptoms while relieving stress while relaxing minds.

Kawala & Gandush

According to Ayurveda, Tinnitus is caused by an imbalance of prana vayu, leading to noise within ear cavities ranging from low roaring or high-pitched squeals in either or both ears. This condition can be psychologically disturbing and disrupt concentration or sleep patterns as well as impair your ability to hear external sound; thankfully it can often be alleviated through simple Ayurvedic treatments.

First step to treating tinnitus: identify its root cause – this could include stress, high blood pressure, pregnancy or thick ear wax build-up. Treating these conditions will bring relief to tinnitus symptoms. Next: balance vata dosha with massage (shiroabhyanga), Gandusha (keeping medicated oil in mouth) or Kawala (gargling with medicated liquid).

These Ayurvedic treatments will help soothe prana vayu and ease tinnitus symptoms. Shiroabhyanga involves massaging the head with medicated oils on a daily or twice a daily basis; it soothes nerves while also balancing vata dosha. Furthermore, drinking daily cups of Fenugreek Seed Tea may reduce tinnitus symptoms significantly.

Kawala and Gandusha are two essential practices of Ayurveda’s daily regimen called Dincharya. Both involve filling your mouth with medicated oil or liquid and holding it there for several minutes without moving around the oral cavity – this helps combat problems associated with bad breath, gum bleeding and cracked teeth as well as strengthening teeth, gums and jaw.

Gandusha can be practiced with various liquids such as unctuous oils like neem (neem kumari), sesame (kesar), coconut and olive oils (kesar), milk (kshira), honey water (kshoudra), milk soup (mamsarasa), wash of grains fermented overnight (dhanyamla), herbal decoctions (kashaya) or warm water (ushnodaka), etc. Ideally practiced during morning hours.

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